Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Great Wall of China 2012

I trekked The Great Wall of China!
Looking back at the photographs it still seems unreal that I was in such an incredible place.

I trekked the wall with an amazing group of 22 people for 5 days and each day presented a different challenge.

I organised the trip through Action Challenge as a self funded, open challenge. Rather than having to commit to raising thousands of pounds for a specific charity, you pay the cost of the trip yourself and can then choose to raise money for the charity of your choice. I decided not to fundraise, however it was such a challenge to compete the trek I wished I had made the effort to gain some sponsorship.

I cannot praise Action Challenge enough, the trip was so well organised and really good value for money. We had a UK trek leader and UK doctor from Action Challenge who both met us at Heathrow Airport. On arrival to Beijing we were greeted by two Chinese guides, both stayed with the group 24/7 for our entire 10day trip. Their knowledge of the route, Chinese history and culture was fascinating.

I will post a few of the beautiful photos in a round-up post next week. Here's a taster...

Thank you xx

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